balaton - tihany

Traditional materials, reckless forms. Leisure and scenery.

Our goal was to fulfill these demands with the family weekend house that lays in the valley of Tihany. The house neither stretches out its scale, nor its appearance, it is not dominating its surroundings. It’s just a little bit different. To benefit from its environment, the main body is slightly turned towards the panorama. This mass protects the terrace underneath which is an indispensable component of recreation. Located on the ground level, it maintains a direct connection with the garden. The first floor and the thatched roof cantilever above the concrete “leg” of the building that is completely relocated from its center of gravity. To maintain balance, the basement made of Tihany’s natural stone counterweights the whole mass.
Arch: Reisz Á., Varga K. K., Arató L., Juhász J.
©: Rapa