kapás 21

A residential project reaching beyond the trends.

The project Kapás21 was a fortunate project. Located in the Víziváros district of Budapest makes the plot a truly exclusive property. Close to everything, but still quiet and peaceful – with a view of historical monuments of the city. We balanced successfully between the neighbourhood’s medieval characteristics, the features of the plot and the official regulations. Articles on the building emphasised the calm but ritmical facade and the distinct but not uproarious appearance of the dwell. The brick finish not only suggests durability but also synchronizes with the surroundings’ architectural style. The apartments bordered by the carpet covered corridors, the elegant lobby (S39 Hybrid Design), the excessive windows that give light from the floor to the ceiling and the eye catching art-deco like top floor flats all reflect exquisite values, that can rightfully sustain the client’s motto: “Everlasting quality in the heart of Buda”.

Arch: Reisz Á., Kiss D., Fernezelyi G.,
©: Fbis
Ph: Cordia
The project is part of Ádám Reisz architect’s personal portfolio