house of fates

A memorial for the child victims of the Holocaust

An unused train station in Budapest was chosen to become the home for the memorial through a significant renovation and enlargement process. The historical monument’s main building preserved the memory of the last trains that deported hundreds of people to the gas chambers. It seems to be unapproachable, floating in an endless sea of stones. The entrance leads us underground. Going through the exhibition area we reach the wagon towers, our route is strictly controlled, we must follow the given order of the installation. Passing through the star shaped tube, small patches of light fall upon us giving a fake feeling of comfort before we are forced to head underneath the ground level again. In the end we can seek relief reaching the Garden of Fates. The premises also host an educational function which is located in the side buildings along with the administrative center. Behind the main building of the station a somewhat disturbing but meditative scenery unravels: an endless desert of stone covers the rails that lead to nowhere.

Arch:  F.Kovács A., Reisz Á.
©: Fbis
Ph: Bujnovszky Tamás 
The project is part of Ádám Reisz architect’s personal portfolio