A consequent composition.

The project is an apartment building consisting of 267 flats. To provide every home with an appropriate amount of natural light we reshaped an archetypal approach: the hanging corridor, that leads inside the building – which curves between the wide-spreading trees – and guides every inhabitant intimately to their own apartment. To maintain unity within this large scale residency we used colours consequently on both inside and outside. The white building is enlivened with yellow on certain parts of the facade and the loggias are also painted with the bright colour along with the expanded metal panels that border the parking lot. This makes a perfect match with the opening’s anthracite grey frames. This trinity of colours continue inside the building’s common areas. The private garden on the protected inner side, the semi-open spaces, the varying rhythm of narrowing and widening horizon and the grandiose rooftops all provide an urban landscape for the community of the building.

Arch: Reisz Á., Varga K. K., Fernezelyi G.,
©: Fbis
Ph: Reisz Ádám, Varga-Koritár Krisztián
The project is part of Ádám Reisz architect’s personal portfolio