mansion tés

In the middle of harmonious nature a rural mansion melts into the meadow.

On the endless hillside there are no borders, no barriers, the garden blends into the horizon. The landscape merges with the house: an elongated entrance on the ground level continues with enormous stone blocks, the white corners are stuck between the hills, facing towards the scenery. The returning hunters admire the dusk from the dunes, while the scent of the forest is still strongly floating around in the air. The fortress-like stone walls surrounding the living room let the light overflow through the grandiose windows. Cheerful noises echoe from the house while everyone gathers around the fireplace, leaving the privacy of their rooms. All night long talks, freedom, bare footed-childhood and a glass of single malt in the end of the day.

Arch: Reisz Á., Varga K. K., Arató L., Juhász J.
©: Rapa