villa rmr2

“If architecture is accepted as frozen music, then the fulfillment of some projects must be joyful jamming. Péter Basa and Ádám Reisz had some similar experience while they immersed in the design process of a family house located at Lake Balaton. They absorbed in every element of the small project, analyzed every detail and enjoyed every moment of creation.”

– Építészfórum Magazine

Simple shapes and surfaces describe the building: the first floor is cladded with wood, ending with a characteristic loggia on two sides. Underneath, the ground floor consists of plain concrete walls and pillars supplemented with large glass surfaces. The form is pure, free from exaggerations. Using a unique architectural language, such as the floating noblewood cladding and the first floor’s stainless steel accessories, the house recalls the picture of old and beautiful sailboats of the Lake Balaton.

Arch: Basa P., Reisz Á.
©: Fbis
Ph: Batár Zsolt
The project is part of Ádám Reisz architect’s personal portfolio