villa vend

Bauhaus Reborn

The original Bauhaus proportions of the villa were well hidden under the countless distorsions and patches that were added throughout the years, which had to be removed in order to attentively renew the house. Unlike the very first inabitant of the house – a single artist – our client required various spaces for his family. We redesigned the layout to serve the needs of a family of four and also to enjoy the view from from the terrace upstairs. The combination of a little black and the dominant white on the facade emphasizes the area where the building exploits the corner plot’s potentials. The terrace also reclaimed its original function, and the direct connection with the spacious but intimate backyard was restored – it is quite intriguing that this place gives us the opportunity to observe the most splendid encounter of the past and the present. The house is characterized by this unique mixture of old and new.

Arch: Reisz Á., Varga K. K., Juhász J., Vadász T.
©: Fbis
Ph: Bujnovszky Tamás 
The project is part of Ádám Reisz architect’s personal portfolio